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Eye Wellness Evaluation
An Eye Wellness Evaluation consists of three simple screening tests to determine the true Health of your eyes, not just visual acuity. These tests detect whether or not Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Disease, Macular Disease or other Retinal Diseases are present in the back of the eyes. At a very affordable fee  for all three screening tests, we can gather a wealth of information about your eye health and perhaps even eliminate or slow down any undetected eye diseases threatening your vision. Upon completion of the tests, you will receive a complete report of the procedures and a consultation with the doctor about your results. Protect your vision by scheduling your test today!
Protect your vision by scheduling your EYE WELLNESS EVALUATION  today!

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Fundus Photo Imaging
This screening test is performed with a specialized high definition camera that takes a high resolution photo image of the retina to include the macula and the optic nerve. By examining these photos, the doctor can determine if the retina is healthy or if disease such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy may be looming.
Visual Field Test
Some eye diseases, namely glaucoma, rob the individual of their peripheral vision. Since this progression happens at a very slow rate, the person may not be aware of the extent of their visual loss until it is too late. The visual field test creates a grid of the visual field, highlighting potential problem areas where the individual may be suffering vision loss.
Optovue iFusion
This machine scans the Optic Nerve, Retina and Macula with a sophisticated laser scanner and creates a color coded thickness map of your retina, Macula and Optic Nerve . This allows the doctor to determine if the retina is of normal thickness or if there are any markers for developing glaucoma, Macula degeneration and other Retinal disorders. Repeated tests allow the doctor to monitor changes in retinal thickness.